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Turtle Tour

Turtle Watching Tour


North to Playa Tamarindo at a secluded beach lost in the middle of pure nature we have the possibility of observing three different species. Leatherback turtles being one of the last dinosaurs roaming on earth has an average weight of 500 kilograms and measuring nearly 6 feet.  The Black turtle with an approximate of 4 feet and 100 kilograms are the most abundant turtle we have in this protected area. The Olive Ridley, the smallest of the 3 can grow to about 3 feet and weigh in at 50 kilograms. Turtle watching is guaranteed, however turtle nesting will depend on the conditions at the beach due to it’s a natural occurring process.
Ostional National Wildlife Refugee
A natural occurring phenomena where the Olive Ridley invades the Ostional community. Massive arrivals of fleets of turtles will reach the coast and in a time frame of 3 up to 4 days, a number of approximately 200,000 up to 500,000 individuals will flood the coast for the marvelous nesting process. Each turtle laying from 50 up to 120 eggs, the exclusion process will occur in 45 to 47 days, it’s a breathtaking experience when baby turtles seem to boil out of the sand. Located 70 kilometers south from Tamarindo it’s an experience you can’t ignore.